Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Doll Apartment Update #3GAW

Made some changes to the doll apartment, want to start working on the new show but
need to finish all the sets for it. 

I wanted to warm up the kitchen a bit, so I added popsicle sticks
to the island and then stained it a darker colour.

Plus added some new art in the dining room. I took the picture too but the
flowers are actually yellow, my toner cartridge is almost empty, but I like how it
printed so I'll keep it, 'adding toner to shopping list now'.


The counter top at the back is made with random piece of wood.
I like the two different stain shades so I didn't stain them 'didn't feel like staining them, 
just wanted to finish it quickly'

 Urgh! I hung one of the doors upside down, don't know how it happened,
I marked it so it wouldn't happen but it did...'scratching my head'....
Still want to make some changes, will need a bigger couch, only two dolls fit on
this couch, maybe a sectional.... something about this room bugs me, don't know what it is...
maybe it needs curtains? 

My favourite part of this picture is the sky outside the windows....'painted'.

Thank you for stopping by.
Tell me what you think of the new doll apartment.