Monday, December 29, 2014

How to Make Monster High Boy Doll Dorm Room Set

Hey everyone, do you want to make your boy dolls a dorm room, then check out the
video for the tutorial. Very simple and cheap to make. Add your own touches to it
while decorating and send us pictures.

I used a jar full of rocks to help keep the cardboard still, you 
can use books or anything heavy. 

Just make sure it doesn't show up in your shot if you are making doll videos.

  The furniture is simple to make, I used building 
blocks and clothes line pegs painted black.

 I found a lot of items at the dollar store during halloween to 
decorate the room.


The link for the laptop tutorial is at the end of the video above.


 The link for the coffin bed tutorial is also at the end of the video, just click on the image.

The ottoman is an old watch case, I covers some foam with material, glued it to the top of the case
and then wrapped a black ribbon cord around it.


So what do you think of the boy's dorm room. If you're building one
for your dolls, send us pictures, we would love to share them.

Thank you