Monday, February 16, 2015

Doll Restaurant Under Construction

Finally started working on the new restaurant set for our shows. I'm going to build it from scratch, using cardboard and paper mache. I removed the 'roof' so it's easier to light it for the show. 
I will be putting together a tutorial video when it's all done. I'm going to keep it simple, no windows, one big door, booth seating, there will be some tables and maybe a small casual area with a couch. 

Next step, adding layers of cardboard and the cut outs. If you want to follow a long, I will post progress pics here.

Box size 24x15x15 You'll need two boxes plus a lot of scrap pieces of cardboard to layer it. 
Most important part is to make it strong. I have never done this without  a 'roof' so hopefully it'll work out. 

I'm also working on the doll apartment tutorial. Just finished filming a little skit for the video.
Should be done soon.

We would love to post pictures of your dollhouses or any doll buildings you have made or bought, show off your decorating skills :) Email us your pics

Have an awesome week!


Friday, February 6, 2015


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Working on a couple of tutorials.
The Doll Apartment
Venecia's Vampire Bed
Text books and more school supplies
New school desks

Will start building the new restaurant soon too.