Barbie Dollhouse

Here is a rough plan for the new dollhouse I'm building for a barbie family.
I still have to finish the details and I should really start building it soon.
I have until May 2014 but the time passes fast and I have two houses to build.
I really want to add a lot of detail so its going to take longer. I am hoping to work on it at 
least one full day each week. Subscribe to the blog so you can see how I'm doing, I will
be posting updates here and posting new tutorials as well for all the new furniture.

I want to make the Barbie house very pretty.


  1. I thought Lola wasn't into barbies.

    1. She wasn't... i bought some at garage sales in the summer for a new show i'm creating...Lola will also be voice acting in the show plus my sister another aunt of Lola's will also be voice acting... The show will be centered around a monster high family and their neighbours are barbies... I hope you will watch, I'm hoping to have the first episode ready at the end of Winter or sometime Spring 2014, still have to build the houses. I would love to build them more like sets, but I also want to enter in the Undersized Urbanite dollhouse contest.

    2. Hey I have an idea.... You can enter the skull academy dollhouse in the undersized urbanite contest.

    3. I wish I could, it has to be a new project for this contest...:)

  2. hello Ginger im sure your new dollhouses will be very pretty, cant wait to see them, i know it is very time consuming :-) good luck with everything :-)


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