Doll Restaurant

How to Make a Doll Restaurant

I finished this restaurant and now I want to change the whole thing. I wish now looking at it and having started filming some scenes for our web series, I wish that I didn't put the back bench on there and just had the tables facing the other way. Would make it easier to shoot scenes....urgh... All I have to do is rip out the back bench and probably have to paper mache to fix it...add more popsicle sticks for flooring and hope that it will all be level. May need to add a different paper or treatment to the bottom half. Now seeing it all in my head, it will look even more fabulous, plus I can probably add a couple of round tables, so it will definitely fit all the students. I don't know...maybe I'll just leave it...


  1. This is so awesome, so very creatively done. I wouldnt change a thing, honestly...

  2. i never seen this video its amazing Ginger, and the details, I just love it :-)


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